REAPING – Garbage in = Garbage out

We reap what we sow

A tenant farmer worked hard for many years to improve the production of the land.

The owner was elderly and the tenant hoped to be able to buy the farm when the lease expired.

When it was time to renew the lease, the owner told him he was about to sell the farm.  His son was getting married and would purchase the farm for their home.


The tenant made several offers to buy it, hoping the owner’s decision would be reversed, but it was all in vain.

The tenant became bitter and angry. When the time approached for him to vacate the farm, his weeks of bitterness got the better of him. He gathered seeds from some of the most pesky and noxious weeds he could find and spent all day scattering them on the clean, fertile soil of the farm, along with a lot of trash and stones he had collected.

To his utter dismay, the very next morning the owner informed him that plans for the son’s wedding had fallen through and he wouldn’t be wanting the farm.  He offered it to the tenant at a very reasonable price.

The lesson is clear.

Scripture tells us
“Whatever a man sows, that he will also reap”
Galatians 6:7


If we sow wheat, we will reap wheat;
if we sow apples, we will reap apples.
You will never pick a peach from an orange tree.
Sometimes a watermelon vine extends out twenty feet from the start,
but it always puts a watermelon out there – never a pumpkin or a squash.
The law is immutable.
It CANNOT change because the Creator ordered every living thing
to bring forth after its own kind.

Did you know that wheat has been found in tombs in Egypt?
It was placed there 5000 years ago.
Some was planted and no one was surprised
to see that wheat seeds produced wheat.
In 5000 years it hadn’t forgotten it was wheat.


When computers made their appearance in offices, many bore a sign
“Garbage in = garbage out”

We know how true that was and it is also true when applied to our lives. 
When we feed our minds with unwholesome thoughts and activities
we will undoubtedly reap what we have sown.

Natural man walks on a downward path with no power of resistance
[Ephesians 2:1-3]

When TV “soapies” started to portray a different type of lifestyle as normal,
our young people fed their minds on it, and it became true for them.
They reaped what they had sown in their minds.

The Reaper

In Matthew 13 the Lord Jesus Christ told about a sower that went forth to sow.

He also told us about a REAPER that went forth to REAP and we see the outcome in verse 30.  In the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers, ‘First gather together the weeds and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into My barn’

What are we sowing into OUR MINDS?

What are we sowing into OUR LIVES?

What are we sowing into the LIVES OF OTHERS – our family, our friends, and the people we meet?

Do we feed our minds and lives on the things of Christ?

Do others see Christ in us?

About meetingintheclouds

I am Cloudwatcher, a 76 year old Christian lady, happily married to a wonderful man for over 50 years. We have five wonderful sons, all with at least one University degree and in top positions in their chosen fields. One son is still single but four have found perfect wives and they have given us five lovely grandchildren. I was born in England and while I'm proud of my English heritage, I am doubly proud to be a true-blue, fair-dinkum Aussie. My husband and I are committed Christians whose first priority is to love and serve our risen Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. My life story will tell of my journey from abuse to peace. I suffered 22 years of abuse, being constantly told I was totally evil and an ugly freak: no one would ever want me, so I might as well do the world a favour and kill myself.
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8 Responses to REAPING – Garbage in = Garbage out

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  2. Rob Barkman says:


    You made a really great job linking what we sow with what we take into our lives. It is truly a continuous, unbroken circle. What we take in, we sow; our sowing is taken in by those watching us; they then sow it in their lives…. it goes on and on. We are not an island to ourselves, others are watching us and following our example.

    The “big three” reasons we all should watch what we “take into” our lives?
    1. The Lord’s glory and honor is at stake.
    2. It will affect us and our testimonies.
    3. It will affect others who are watching us.

    Thank our for reminding me of this very important principle. May the Lord be glorified in your study.



  3. pbus1 says:

    Hi Angela,

    So true! “For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.” Heaven is my goal, therefore I’m striving to sow to the Spirit. While I’m on this Christian journey, I want to sow into good ground, for the word says in Mark 4:20, “And these are they which are sown on good ground; such as hear the word, and receive it, and bring forth fruit, some thirtyfold, some sixty, and some an hundred.

    As much as I can, I strive to sow seeds of life, into the lives of my family, friends, and the people I meet. I want to let my light shine, so that God will be glorified, in the midst of those whose lives cross my path.

    I enjoyed this article. May God continue to bless you!



    • AMEN Paulette! We need to constantly be aware of what we are sowing, because EVERYTHING we sow is either a stepping stone to faith in Christ or a stumbling block.

      Where I find difficulty is in what is sown INTO my mind. I find it is impossible to go shopping without encountering obscene wording on T shirts on shoppers and bumper stickers on cars; to hear unwholesome (to put it mildly) language even from well dressed women; and to see revealing clothing on both men and women. We have the power to turn off what offends us from the TV set, but we cannot ban offensive dress, language and behaviour in our shopping centres.

      Our young people are growing up in a society with very different values. They need our prayers.


  4. snowgood says:

    I think we all need to be on our guard. Where are we sowing?
    Where your heart is your treasure is also Luke 12:34.

    Mind you, I like soaps they keep me clean in the bath!


    • Well Stephen, I prefer shower gel.
      It leaves no scum – and there is the parallel.

      (I guess I have to concede there COULD be soapies that don’t leave scum, but I don’t know of any – or at least not for many years. I know of one early one that was wholesome)


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