Last WordsThose of us who have spent time beside a dying loved one know how precious are their last words. We remember them and cherish them for many years. I well remember the huge smile on the face of my mother as (I believe) she saw the face of her Redeemer as she passed from life on this earth. She hadn’t really known us for years, was blind, and was unable to talk, but her smile said it all. I also remember with sadness and pity the torment of my evil stepfather as He died. His eyes were full of sheer terror.

Many last words of famous people are recorded and their final words speak volumes about them.

John Newton: slave abolitionist, writer of “Amazing Grace”   “I am in the land of the dying, and I am soon going to the land of the living.”

D. L. Moody:   “I see earth receding; heaven is opening. God is calling me.”

Daniel Webster:   “The great mystery is Jesus Christ—the gospel. What would the condition of any of us be if we had not the hope of immortality? Thank God, the gospel of Jesus Christ brought life and immortality to light. I still live.”

Charles Spurgeon: “I can hear them coming! Don’t you hear them?  This is my coronation day.  I can see the chariots, I’m ready to board.”

Sir Thomas Scott, Chancellor of England: “Until this moment I thought there was neither a God nor a hell. Now I know that there are both, and I am doomed to perdition by the just judgment of the Almighty.”

David Hume, atheist philosopher: “I am in flames!” It is said his “desperation was a horrible scene”.

Sir Francis Newport, the head of an English Atheist club, shortly before he died: “You need not tell me there is no God for I know there is one, and that I am in His presence! You need not tell me there is no hell. I feel myself already slipping. Wretches, cease your idle talk about there being hope for me! I know I am lost forever! Oh, that fire! Oh, the insufferable pangs of hell!   Oh, that I could lie for a thousand years upon the fire that is never quenched, to purchase the favour of God and be united to Him again! But it is a fruitless wish. Millions and millions of years will bring me no nearer the end of my torments than one poor hour. Oh, eternity, eternity forever and forever! Oh, the insufferable pangs of Hell!”

W. C. Fields: “I’m looking for a loophole.”

Elizabeth I, Queen of England: “All my possessions for a moment of time

Sigmund Freud:   “This is absurd! This is absurd!”

SedgwickToday I am thinking of JOHN SEDGWICK whose last words bring a smile, but also a warning.

John Sedgwick, was a Union Army general in the American Civil War. He was the highest ranking Union casualty in the Civil War, killed by a sharpshooter at the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House May 9, 1864. Confederate sharpshooters were about 1,000 yards away and their shots caused members of his staff and artillerymen to duck for cover. Sedgwick strode around in the open and was quoted as saying, “What? Men dodging this way for single bullets? I’m ashamed of you, dodging that way. They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance.”   Some reports say he didn’t finish the last word before he fell forward and died with a bullet hole below his left eye.

John Sedgwick reminds me of many people today.
Many think only of ‘today’ with no thought that life can end at any moment. Many have no thought of eternity,
denying even the possibility of a living almighty God or of heaven and hell. They trust their own “beliefs” or philosophies,
which have absolutely NO basis.

Death is often sudden and unexpected, but death is certain.

Hebrews 9:27
It is appointed unto man to die once,
and after that, the judgement.

Jesus said of hell:
Mark 9:43-44
the fire that never shall be quenched:
where their worm dies not, and the fire is not quenched.

Matthew 13:42
a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Matthew 25:46
And these shall go away into everlasting punishment:
but the righteous into life eternal.

Thankfully, even though we are ALL worthy of death and eternal hell,
God made it possible for us to be reconciled to Him for all eternity.

John 3:16-18 NLT  
For God loved the world so much that He gave His one and only Son,
so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.  God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world,
but to save the world through Him.
There is no judgment against anyone who believes in Him.
But anyone who does not believe in Him has already been judged
for not believing in God’s one and only Son.

John 5:24 NLT
I tell you the truth, those who listen to My message
and believe in God who sent Me have eternal life.
They will never be condemned for their sins,
but they have already passed from death into life.

1 Corinthians 15:3 NLT
Christ died for our sins, just as the Scriptures said

John 14 6*************************************************************************************
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I am Cloudwatcher, a 76 year old Christian lady, happily married to a wonderful man for over 50 years. We have five wonderful sons, all with at least one University degree and in top positions in their chosen fields. One son is still single but four have found perfect wives and they have given us five lovely grandchildren. I was born in England and while I'm proud of my English heritage, I am doubly proud to be a true-blue, fair-dinkum Aussie. My husband and I are committed Christians whose first priority is to love and serve our risen Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. My life story will tell of my journey from abuse to peace. I suffered 22 years of abuse, being constantly told I was totally evil and an ugly freak: no one would ever want me, so I might as well do the world a favour and kill myself.
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35 Responses to FAMOUS LAST WORDS

  1. V.E.G. says:

    Man! So many people are guardian angels are related to the guardian angel, “Uncle” Alan Burton Hall! Those people are being in the watchful eyes of “Uncle” Hall.


  2. V.E.G. says:

    Mercy! Cody Lee Coffman is a distant cousin of guardian angel, “Uncle” Alan Burton Hall!


  3. V.E.G. says:

    “Get out!”–Cody Lee Gifford-Coffman, the hero. Coffman is the natural son of Jason Robert Coffman and Cheryl Gifford. He is the distant cosuin of the deaf man, Ted Cochran, due to the ancestry of Wilmarth. Since Coffman is partly Mexican origin, remember him by listening the song, “Suavecito,” the Chicano National Anthem!


  4. V.E.G. says:

    Josh Timothy Pinkard is a direct descendant of the Confederate Veterans.


  5. V.E.G. says:

    Josh Pinkard:
    I love you. His name was just “Josh,” it was never “Joshua.”


  6. Rob says:

    Where are your sources? Ya know atheists are gonna want them


  7. V.E.G. says:

    The last words of Ronald Lee Helus, a man of Czech origin:
    I’ve got to go handle a call. I love you. I’ll talk to you later.


  8. V.E.G. says:

    Jack Reginald Beaton, Jr.’s last words: “I love you, Laurie.” Such loving words and he has been married since Palau broke away from Uncle Sam.


  9. V.E.G. says:

    The last words of Jeffrey Roberts:
    “I’ll see you tonight.” Rest easy, dear soul.


  10. V.E.G. says:

    Here is the last words of Emory Eli Huyck, the Dutch-American hero:
    “You know something about this, don’t you?”
    Emory was the distant cousin of Lorinda Ann Huyck. Lorinda was from Moffat County, Colorado and she passed away very unexpectedly.


  11. V.E.G. says:

    Run!-The last words of Jesse McCord Lewis! Lewis was the distant cousin of Victoria Leigh Soto, another hero!


  12. V.E.G. says:

    Good luck and thanks for your service.–Last known words of Treven Taylor Anspach. He was the cousin of Muhammad Ali and Jeremiah Alvin Neitz.


  13. V.E.G. says:

    Gary Eugene Scharf’s last words, “I called 911!” He was a hero and he was the distant cousin of adult actress, Juanita Dale Slusher.


  14. V.E.G. says:

    “I got you!”-Shannon Hilliard Johnson’s last words! He was a hero!


  15. V.E.G. says:

    “I got you!”-Shannon Hiliard Johnson’s last words!


  16. V.E.G. says:

    By the way (no joke)-Roland L. Scobee’s last words are “get inside and call 911.” Scobee was a hero and the cousin of a world famous astronaut, Francis Richard “Dick” Scobee. Roland was a lumberjack.


  17. V.E.G. says:

    That car’s going way too fast.–Randall Kent Burris, a hero gave his life saving a woman and her child. Burris is a direct descendant of Pocahontas and John Rolfe. His ancestors has lived in America since 1607. Over four hundred years ago!


  18. Gloria says:

    I was with my mother as she passed on into glory. She took her last breath as the song I can only imagine ended. She no longer needed to imagine.


  19. snowgood says:

    I like John Newton’s quote best. Hasten the day when we can join him, and those who have gone ahead of us.


  20. Reblogged this on Lillie-Put and commented:
    Great thoughts from Angela. It is nice to have her back in the blogosphere.


  21. Debbie says:

    Those quotes were so revealing! Wow! Thank you Mentor Angela, for strengthening our faith and helping others who have not considered Jesus to do so today! God bless you and guide you on!


  22. Amen! May God take these words and plant them before the eyes of all who need their witness. May I reblog this?


  23. Rob Barkman says:

    A great list of final words. I have read a few of them in time past but not all of those you have given. It is amazing isn’t it? Even during the last moments on earth the Lord’s grace is evident in the lives of the saved, while its absence is so obvious in those who are lost. Truly His grace is sufficient for us all. Even at the moment of our death! Thanks for the reminder!

    Lord bless you my friend. So good to have you back!


    • Thanks Rob. I think the words of Sir Francis Newport speak volumes and should be read by all who deny the truth of the Gospel. I also think of the words uttered by many at the times when Christians were thrown to the lions or burned at the stake: “These Christians die well”
      Praise God for His love, grace and mercy in giving us the faith to believe, and for keeping us in the faith. Great is His faithfulness and we are safe and secure in Him.


  24. Pure Glory says:

    Good to see a post from you. Have missed you!


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